Who Is Ken?


I am glad you hit the Who Is Ken tab, and I really appreciate your interest or curiosity, let’s get started…

I am happily married to the amazing Sheila, for 22 years, who owns her own Travel Agency.

We have 4 children, 2 grandchildren, and 4 cats. Very sadly, our dog, Hunter, passed away in November of 2020 and we are not sure exactly when another dog will be part of our lives.

I am a Social Worker, and I provide intensive motivational case management to individuals receiving social welfare (Ontario Works) to help people move forward towards employment.

After watching a plethora of home renovation shows, we purchased an original 1883 two room schoolhouse on one acre of rural land and renovated it into a 3 bedroom, one floor, home (because it looks so easy on TV!!!) . No, we did not have 30 people helping us and our clothes did get dirty and we used the local YMCA for a temporary bathing facility. Yes, we lived in the house as we did the renovation!

The land we live on is the traditional land of the Three Fires Confederacy: the Odawa, Potawatami and Ojibwe. These Indigenous Nations, are known as the Anishinaabeg and Lunaapeew. Our  neighbours include the Lunaapeew at Delaware Nation which is part of the McKee Purchase Treaty, as well as the unceded territory of the Bkejwanong Walpole Island First Nation. This land was settled through the McKee Purchase Treaty of 1790 and we, as beneficiaries of the treaty, recognize our responsibilities including our collective responsibilities to the land and water. 

My hobbies include, humour, gardening, travel, and photography (not in that order!)